Monday, August 4, 2014

Breastfeeding failures

 I could not breastfeed. Turns out that pesky hypothyroidism and PCOS had one last laugh! I produced just enough for him to have a little snack not enough to get actual nourishment. And that is also supported by 2 doctors and a lactation consultant. I did put him to breast every feed but then supplemented with formula. I get pretty defensive when it comes to this topic. I had people actually tell me I am a bad mother. I tried everything to build my supply.

My doctor suggested Reglan. I said a be fat hell no! Those side effects are horrific! I tried tea, supplements, cookies (bad idea with IR PCOS), frequent feeding pumping interval, lactation groups... You name it I tried it. Well, no prescription drugs. I like my Dopamine levels in my brain unaffected unless it is life or death. I worked with psych patients too long to agree to any drug that has these side effects. The drug basically works by, simply put, decreasing Dopamine in a certain area of the brain then in turn increasing prolactin levels. Dopamine and Prolactin work in opposition of each other. Why you may hear certain medications and class action lawsuits of teen boys developing breast or lactating on commercials. It is also secreted into breast milk. Babies have immature blood-brain barriers. Which could increase the risk for Tardive Dyskinesia (TD). I did not like anything about adding another med or putting us both at risk of some hefty side effects.

I continued to put to breast until I went back to work. It was hard enough to maintain a shitty supply home all day. I was impossible to keep my supply after going back to work 12 hours a day. Pumping was impossible while at home. Most I got was 1/2oz. So, formula all the way!!

*I will not tolerate any bashing for not being able to breastfeed. Remember what you learned as a child. If you can't say anything nice DON'T say anything at all!

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