Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PCOS the gift that keeps on giving.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Pregnancy was going well until I took the Glucose Tolerance Test. I failed that bad boy with flying colors with a 195. There you are PCOS, it is not like you will let me forget you during the pregnancy you tried so hard to not make happen! Well, the Metformin is working. I am not having the spikes as long as I avoid all processed food. I now go for weekly biophysical profiles which is just a mini ultrasound and twice weekly Nonstress Test. Ah what high risk status entails. It is actually pretty relaxing sitting in a recliner for about 20-45 minutes twice a week listening to my baby's heart beat.

But I have to laugh with my husband about PCOS. I have obviously had it since I can remember but just diagnosed with it when TTC. I have hair in places women shouldn't. I still have acne in my mid 30's and everyone in my family would talk shit that I was not washing my face otherwise I would have clear skin. After puberty I got fat and was told by so many that I would be pretty if only I was thin. My random cycle have caused embarrassment during adolescence. Nothing like being 13 years old in junior high getting my period unprepared. Fast forward to adulthood and the only diet that truly works is a diet that will cause most likely kidney damage and heart disease... Atkins. My cycle work like clockwork while on that diet though. Not too sure about ovulating since I was in my early 20's and definitely did not want a baby. I miscarried because of one of the two undiagnosed hypothyroidism and PCOS. I believed it was more the thyroid. And fertility drugs were needed since I don't ovulate but once or twice a year. Now Gestational Diabetes which means most likely I will get it in my future. Oh PCOS is always the tricky little bitch and the gift that keeps on giving!   

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  1. Ahh.. PCOS. I hate it! I was diagnosed in september 2013 after i went in and asked to be checked for it specifically. Fast forward to the end of February and my Gyno told me that metformin had not worked. I had been taking it for 3 months on that day and i guess was supposed to have a significant change in my levels.. No that' never happened. She said it was not enough of a change to even deem it a successful treatment. I was crushed, am crushed. I still have half my prescription of metformin but at this point, after what she said, i feel as though i have no reason to take it. It didn't work. Why take it if that's the case? anyway.. i'm supposed to pop in to the Dr and be checked for diabetes. Sorry for the rant