Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1/4 of the way through!

I still feel very much infertile. I know I am pregnant but I think I will always feel infertile. I told my husband, it ain't over until I have a crying baby in my arms. The good news is I made it past my lost milestone yesterday (CD70 and 10 weeks). I hope to keep this bun cooking for another 30 weeks.

I scheduled my NT ultrasound for 9/19. I don't know why I even bother with the genetic tests. I think they cause more stress than they are worth. If I have a child with Down Syndrome, it is not like I would terminate the pregnancy anyway. I refuse to do any of the invasive tests. Why risk the the 1 out of 1000 chance that it would end the pregnancy to find out if they have a genetic abnormality? Again, not going to terminate the pregnancy if there were concerns.

Well, in two weeks I get to see my bean again. It feels so far away!  

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