Monday, July 8, 2013

Signs? Coincidence? Or just desperate?

I am the type of person that looks for signs. Especially when times are questionable and I am at a crossroad.

A few years ago I was driving home after learning my mother's house was in foreclosure and was extremely depressed. I asked for a sign and this is what I drove by at the time I asked for a sign. My name is not that common and was floored when I saw it.
Not exactly a profound sign! I did find it amusing that it was on a certified financial planners board! Since I found out my mother could no longer afford her mortgage. P.S. I don't play soccer and the most I care about soccer is to see hottie David Beckham!

This weekend I felt like a Disney character with the birds around me. On the 4th of July we came home to a bird on our front porch. It did not fly away or move away as we approached it. I thought maybe it was injured but it wasn't.
We must have nice earthworms in our yard. They have camped out there ever since. Not even scared of my German Shepherd. I thought maybe the bird was pregnant or procreating somehow.

Then, there is this! Last night it was my best friend's birthday and she had a BBQ. And this little guy flew down to join the party. He was very comfortable with us approaching him and even touching his tail feathers. I kept moving because I thought he was going to crap on my head. He followed me everywhere I sat around the table. I am not sure if he is a dove or a white pigeon... What do you think?
Don't worry about his little leg! He was seriously posing for the camera. That claw is fine. For fun, I looked it up. A white pigeon or dove can symbolize a lot of various things. Peace, forever love, messengers from God, a spirit, and goddess of fertility. When I read that they could also represent the fertility Goddess Astarte, I almost cried! On the night I triggered this is the bird that came out of nowhere. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. So comfortable with people as if he was pulled out of a magicians hat. Who knows if this is a sign or a coincidence? But, I am a desperate infertile that wants this to be a good fertility sign! 


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