Monday, July 15, 2013

Progesterone levels

A good nurse can fine my veins despite they are deep and rolling. (That goes for my ovaries too!) But then I get these women that are not so good. I get jabbed and stabbed a few times and still don't get a good sample! Today was my progesterone levels and this was the day I get jabbed too many times. Have you ever felt like they were threading the needle in your arm? Yes! That was today! They got about a thimble full and said that should be enough. Ugh my poor arms! Every week two arms multiple jabs. My neighborhood lab facility does a much better job at drawing blood than my RE office. The last time I was with this office, about 2 years ago (PPO only covered dx not tx so stopped until covered tx blah blah blah). I had a blood test to check to see if my body could handle Metformin. The girl jabbed herself with my dirty needle and I had to sign for blood-born path testing. I reassured the naive, barely looked 20 years old, girl that I have recently been tested and not to worry about Hep or HIV. Luckily for her, the tests came back clean. Every time I go to the RE lab I always think about that girl. I am pretty sure the phlebotomists they hire are newbies!

They called me this afternoon and my progesterone is 27. Now, I had better progesterone with my ObGyn. I was in the 30's with him and high 20's with RE. Grasping at straws here. They say that is fine and no need to supplement.

Until next week... More jabs but this time Beta! Oh let there be a significant number!
Everything Crossed LOL! 


  1. I hate when they can't find the veins and it hurts like hell! I pray you have a peaceful week and a great beta next time!