Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First IUI

Well, I completed my first IUI cycle. Not bad! I was so nervous. I really didn't know what to expect. We arrived at 9PM with the sperm for washing. We waited for an hour. They called me in. My wonderful husband did not want to go into the room with me. I went into one of the ultrasound rooms. They showed me the syringe with the washed sperm and told me there were 12 million sperms, 97% motility, and 80% morphology. What a relief! My husband's sperm did not do so hot the last time it was analyzed back in May.  These were great numbers in comparison.They told me to strip the waist down and they were right. It felt no different than a Pap (when the doctor actually knows what they are doing). No pain and she even heated the forceps. It was over in a few minutes. She said my cervix was perfect. I laid and waited a few minutes before I left.

I came out and my husband asked was that it. I said yes, it wasn't bad and I hope it works. He said he thinks it will. I asked him why he did not want to go in the room with me. He asked if the sperm was placed in there with a needle. I said no and laughed a little. He said he thought it inserted with a needle and couldn't bare to see that. I said no a syringe with a clear cocktail like straw attached at the end no needles. I laughed so hard with that one.

So now it is the 2 week wait. We will see!!