Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comfortable in Stirrups

Remember how it first felt emotionally with your first pelvic exam? Nervous and uncomfortable to be undressed in front your doctor. Your private parts now exposed. I always dreaded my yearly female exam because I felt so exposed!

Fast forward to now. 3 years of infertility and a miscarriage in between. My lady parts have never been more on display in those 3 years than my entire life. Various doctors poking and prodding in those 3 years. Numerous internal ultrasounds and various checks whether it was to check before, during, and after miscarriage, how the reproduction system is holding up during treatment, or if I am responding. I realized at my last ultrasound appointment that I am relaxed. What? Strip from the waste down is no longer embarrassing and I have been conditioned to this experience as my new norm. I have dropped my pants more this month for my RE than I have for my husband.

I laughed when I came to this realization. I am actually comfortable in stirrups! As the ultrasound was taken place last time, the woman asked if my ovaries are usually difficult to find. I told her, "No, they move sometimes they are either 'here I am' others they are stubborn and hiding". She told me it may hurt a little since she has to move the wand around to find them. And it didn't even phase me. A female nurse is probing me with medical equipment shaped like a dildo and it was as if I was getting a haircut. IUI was the same thing. A little nervous on the procedure but not waste down part or laying there for 15-20 minutes with no pants on.

I wondered if other women going through this, lost the embarrassment with continuous clinical pelvic exposure? Felt it to be as routine as brushing your teeth? Were they as well desensitized to this? I am not sure if this is a good thing or not but it sure is funny how things can become routine! I haven't even given birth yet!             


  1. Oh yes! None of the poking or prodding or lying pantless with my legs spread eagle bothers me. When I get the dildo cam, the tech is always fussing with the sheet to minimize exposure (even though there is always a curtain and closed door between me and the hallway). They really need not bother, at least not for my sake.

  2. "dildo cam" LOL. I am pretty sure I was flashing the world after IUI. The doc was talking to me after IUI telling me the instructions if I get any bleeding or cramping blah blah blah, knees bent, half naked, and facing that direction. Move over Sharon Stone!

  3. But do you still hide your underpants beneath your pants that you took off? I remember telling a newer U/S tech that she didn't have the ultrasound in far enough to see my ovaries, and she gave me a look, but, hey, I had been through so many, I cold have done it myself!

  4. LOL!! I do!! I think it is funny the panic on their face... where is your ovary. Well, it was there last week they just don't get up and leave. They move around! But don't some of them seem more weirded out than you do?

  5. I am barely aware of the exams. That dildo cam really hurt one ovary as the tech pressed to that side, trying to find it. Yes, I know I am late to the party.