Monday, July 29, 2013

Can't believe it!

***Warning***  BFP mentioned

Oh boy! Super nervous! I am actually pregnant! I took a Dollar Tree HPT and very faint line. Clear Blue digital "Pregnant". My first beta was 44-13 days past IUI. My second beta was 138-15 days past IUI. I can't believe it actually worked but now... It has to stick! Just an FYI... Dollar Tree tests suck! My beta at the doctor 138, super faint line on Dollar Tree and claim it measures 25. My last pregnancy, not a great measurement since it was my angel baby, I was about 6 weeks before Dollar Tree test had a significant line. 

After having a miscarriage a couple years ago, I am so nervous! I think a miscarriage takes that from you. The joy of a BFP is not the same. You are more aware of things your were once nonchalant about. I will not be planning and prepping like the usual people! My planning is when can my thyroid be monitored. Oh betas every other day, well please squeeze in a thyroid level after all you are right there.

Facebook announcements are lame and hurtful. I am not planning to tell anyone in real life for as long as I can. It still doesn't feel real and there is always a chance. I think if I didn't have a miscarriage and go through infertility, I would be singing right now but I won't believe this is actually real until I have a baby in my arms.   


  1. Congratulations on your BFP! I pray it sticks and you find peace within your heart!

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    1. You're welcome! How are things going? I haven't seen you post lately, but I hope you're doing ok!