Monday, July 8, 2013

1st IUI cycle and hopefully the last!

So, I finished my Clomid 100mg on the 4th of July. And went for my first scan on the 5th. Very much to my surprise I had 4 follicles beginning to mature. I thought it would have taken more time since I just finished the last dosage the night before. My right ovary had 3 follicles with the largest 15mm. On my left ovary I had one at 13mm. My uterus was 7.4mm. They like to see 8mm at trigger. I received the phone call on Friday that my IUI will be scheduled Tuesday at 10 am. I was instructed to do the baby dance Saturday night and Trigger with Ovidrel on Sunday night at 10 am. Thank God I requested the delivered for the meds on Saturday, the specificity pharmacy wanted to send the on Monday. I told them I want them ASAP since I was not sure how I would respond to the increased dosage. On 50mg I ovulated on CD 12. They want to do the IUI 36 hours after trigger.

We did the deed on Saturday night into Sunday morning as prescribed by the doctor. I triggered Sunday night. I was so nervous. My husband also learned how to give me the shot. I was relying on that since I thought I would chicken out but he had to be at work at the time of trigger. I never had to give myself a shot before and was extremely nervous. I followed the directions and made sure I got the air out. That was probably what I was most nervous about. Wiped the alcohol pad and injected it into my nice plump fat roll (I knew that love handle would come in handy!). After I did it, I thought that is what I hyped up. I didn't even feel it. I felt the pinch from my hand and the needle was a little hard to get through the skin but the actual shot I felt nothing. I am hoping that this is the last of the shots and this will be successful!  I will know on the 22nd if it was a success. Fingers and toes crossed!


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