Thursday, June 13, 2013

Still waiting

The referral is going to be the death of me. I finally get everything that is needed for this referral to only get denied. After multiple phone calls to various people. I figured it out. It was not completed... This referral. There were questions on the back of it that were not answered. I call the Dr who is writing the referral explaining what the insurance company told me. The girl asked how do I know. I got a little mad since it has been 2 months and no referral yet. I told her I called the insurance company and they finally told me. She said she needed to take a look at it. She said that yes there were questions if she could ask me. Yeah! Questions like have I had my tubes tied? Am I younger than 36? (This one scared me because, yes barely! So will the insurance drop when I am 36+?) So for now, we are on track but I am not letting it go this easily. 

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