Thursday, June 13, 2013

Positive feedback trumps the negative

While I have had negative feedback regarding my IF post on Facebook a few times... Something positive came out of it! A girl who reads my posts about PCOS and Hypothyroidism told me that she read my post which prompted her to get tested. She found out that she does have PCOS and is going for blood work for it. She also asked about getting a thyroid level too since in many posts the 2 go together frequently. So, I may annoy some but at least I helped one!

This girl also said she now completely understands what I mean when people can be really insensitive about this stuff. She said on the day she found out she has PCOS and told her friends. People where saying hurtful things to her. She said one girl told her that she could have her fertility. Another girl told her kids are overrated. I let her know that some women with PCOS can conceive without any problems while others need help. PCOS doesn't mean you will never have kids. She told me she cried with the diagnosis and how horrible people can be! 

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