Monday, June 3, 2013

Ok so she is in labor... next order of business!

So, a coworker was pregnant and is currently in labor. Why is that the only thing everyone is talking about? We knew her due date was approaching! No work related topic just this. Well, it has been driving me nuts all day. I am happy for her don't get me wrong but the fact that this the only thing that everyone is talking about is getting on my nerves. I had several people come up to me asking if I had heard that she was in labor. If I knew what she was having. I replied, she wanted it to me surprised so she didn't know until she gave birth. Do you know if she had the baby yet or is she still in labor? Oh for the love of God! I know just as much as you do! Please just leave me alone on this topic. (I am still waiting on my referral for my RE!)

I really wish I would be unaffected by this! Other people having babies. I hate to be a bitter infertile. I also hate that everyone is so obsessed with babies and pregnant women.Why does it seem that the value of a woman depends on squeezing a human out of her vagina? Every time I have to answer... "Do you have any children?" It is like telling people no I don't I am telling them I am Lilith reincarnated! Why? I am an ass these days and with that question I tell them, "I am fucking barren do you have anymore questions?" That shuts them up!

Today, I just want to go home. I wish I had a better coping mechanism for this. I wish I knew if I was going to be a parent but for now it is in God and science's hands!

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