Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aunt Flo is a tricky bitch!

Now, I sit and wait for my baselines. I go in for blood work and ultrasound on or around CD 3. I am hoping if there is any changes it is for the better. After being told that I might have endometriosis, I hope all is well with the lady parts. I know you can't really tell on an ultrasound, I just hope there is nothing on my ovaries.

I found out that my insurance approved the baselines so now just waiting for Aunt Flo and when it comes to times like these, she is a tricky little bitch. Always showing at the least convenient times and psyching you out to believe pregnancy is a possibility. I am too familiar with her tricks by now! After all this time... I know better than to take a test to only have my heart sink to the floor. I have stock piled feminine products in every major place I spend most of my time (Home, Office, Car, etc.). But there is one thing... My work schedule. As I examine all the possibilities of date of arrival, I have to consider where I will be (at work) on or around CD 3. The majority of my schedule depends on others. I have no say of dates and times for the majority of my meetings I attend each month. Sometimes, 8:30A or 5:30P and everything in between. So, it now all boils down to Aunt Flo and her estimated time of arrival is anywhere from tomorrow through Sunday. I am sure she will be her usual bitchy self and not show anywhere between those dates just to fuck up my plans. As for my all day mandatory meeting in July, I am sure she will make sure my job is on the line with her arrival date. But oh wait, what if you are pregnant? No! I couldn't be so lucky and besides my husband and I only BD'ed once this month and it was not even close to possible ovulation. So, I hope she is considerate of my time this month since she insists on showing her face every month.     

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