Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It begins!

As I previously posted I was awaiting Aunt Flo so I could go for baselines, she arrived today. I go first thing Friday morning for baselines and I should know how everything is by that evening or afternoon. If all goes well, I will start my Clomid 100mg on CD5. Not looking forward to Clomid. My cycles are painful and heavy on them. Not on clomid I am fine (which is why I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole endometriosis possibility). I still debate as to what would have been worse, an STD that caused scarring but is now gone or endometriosis. I always go back to the later. When they like the size of my follicles I will trigger with Ovidrel. Then IUI! I wish my husband could freeze his boys for when it is go time. Is it bad of me that I feel he will buckle under the pressure? On IUI day, I have to bring his sample with me. I hope everything lines up!

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