Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finding the humor

Yesterday was my first RE appointment. Well, not exactly the first. I was with them before back in 2011, when I had PPO. So, they had all my information from the last time as well as what my ObGyn did. They said I may have a new diagnosis... Endometriosis. My HSG last time showed a slower than normal draining of the contrast dye. I don't have stereotype symptoms. On CD I have cramping that needs some OTC pain medications. I don't have painful BM's, urination, or intercourse. I don't bleed in between periods (at all). Also, never had an STD I have been checked throughout my 20's and recently for my referral.

So, I have known I have anovulation due to my PCOS and Hypo. But my husband Semen Analysis showed 7% morphology and I don't think it is his motility but is the test that determines how straight the boys are swimming. Well, I guess it is on a scale of 0-4, his is a 2. I said in the office jokingly, my ovaries are stubborn and my husbands swimmers are no Michael Phelps! His boys need to swim to Canada but are stopping at Detroit and my eggs are hiding. The doctor told us it is good to have a sense of humor with these things. She said when you can laugh at this you can have a better outcomes. After 3 years of crying, I am now finding the humor!   

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