Friday, June 28, 2013

Baselines. Now on business!

Today I went for my first baseline at the RE office. It went well! Ultrasound showed many follicles on each ovary but they are not the "typical" Polycystic Ovary appearance per RE office. They said "typical PCO" are enlarged and round bulging.  Mine were "normal sized" and oval. But I still have several follicles. My blood work was all normal as well. The only number I really requested was my thyroid. I am so happy that it has been stable for a year now.   I typically remember TSH even though they test Free T4 and Free T3. 100mcg started in 7/12 (TSH was 4.5 thanks to the iodine in prenatals). My TSH on 9/12 was .0.9, 1/13 was 1.3, 4/13 was 0.7, and 6/13 was 1.33 (iodine free prenatals). I will start my Clomid again at 100mg. Monitored again on 7/5/13 and once it shows a mature follicle and not over stimulated I will use Ovidrel as my HCG trigger then go for my IUI.

So Sunday I start the Clomid with strict instructions for the RE. Take between 8-10PM, then take it same time every day after. Much different than the ObGyn instructions here take this call me when pregnant. My husband asked why I threw a bottle of Tylenol the last time I was on it. LOL I don't remember maybe it was the drug induced Intermittent Explosive Disorder with psychotic rage? Oh Clomid I think you could turn a sweet Pollyanna type into a psychotic Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction type! My husband said jokingly if there are Gamma rays in that stuff? Of all the superhero shows I grew up on, my favorite was the Incredible Hulk. Hmmm....

I don't find it promising that I will be any calmer on twice the dosage as the last time. I just hope we get our baby.

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