Friday, May 24, 2013

The Referral!

I have been absent lately! I started the referral process. Yes! Process! I have been getting a phone call a day stating I need this test or that test. I requested the referral on 4/29/13 and I am not much further. I was called to get an STD test. What? I have been married for 3 years. Ok, I will play and get this testing done. Yay! Just as I suspected, no STD's. Then, I get another call. My husband needs a more recent semen analysis. Ok great! I don't know about your partner, my husband hates them. He complied and there was the hole up. I really don't remember how long it took for the results but it took over 2 weeks. I called every day trying to get them to the doctor in tome for the referral and could make the appointment.  My appointment with the RE was scheduled for 5/21/13. Now it is rescheduled for 6/19/13. I just go a call stating I need an HSG I asked is the one I had done in November 2011 no good? I got "Oh you have had one, it is not in your file". WHAT THE FUCK? Why is something from 2011 not in my file. It was $4000 the last time and I really don't want to go through with that. So, I am hunting down the HSG. I swear everyone I am dealing with has absolutely shit for brains I just need a referral. Too long in the making if you ask me. I would think that they would have some kind of check list for what was needed and give it to me all at once instead of 50 phones calls! SERIOUSLY!

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