Friday, April 12, 2013

What I sometimes do to get by

I am doing better today! After my doctors appointment the other day I felt a little broken. Not having any kind of plan besides lose more weight feels like I am fighting an uphill battle. Also, the torture of sitting in a waiting room with nothing but pregnant women, Ugh! That was my hell! The only one in a room with an empty uterus! Even the nurses were pregnant! I was thinking get me the hell out of here before I cry or scream profanities.  Had I been a character of some comedy, I would have said to the women in the waiting room. "Must be nice to be fertile. Just have sex and get pregnant! I have no fucking idea what that's like!". I picture the woman Kristen Wiig was sitting next to on the plane in Bridesmaids.  Sometimes, I think about how could I put a funny twist on this uncomfortable situation as if it was a comedy. It keeps me distracted and a little calmer to think how could I make this shit funny. Cheaper and safer than psychotropic meds right?  

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