Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not the best doctors appointment

So, my doctors appointment was nothing how I anticipated. I thought more tests were going to be ran due to the 3 failed Clomid. Nope! It was more a discussion on how I need to lose 20lbs before he could refer me to a reproductive endocrinologist. I am not currently taking any fertility medications just Synthroid and Metformin. He told me to add a baby aspirin. Ok! So I am going to waste my time doing nothing for months but lose weight. I could have visited my mother for free to get that conversation. Why should my insurance be charged $130. You could have told me this over the phone.
I am the one in the blue tank top and jeans sitting by the bar with the wavy blond hair. Yes, not the skinniness but really my weight is the problem for TTC?


  1. I would love to be that skinny! I fully expected at least one of my 3 REs to tell me to lose weight, but no one has brought it up. When I asked about BMI requirements for IVF, I was told I was fine, but that for some out of state clinics, I would probably have to lose 50 pounds. How can there be that much difference?! What's interesting is that I've never had any doctor mention anything to me about my weight. And I'm a big, big girl.

  2. I have lost 40lbs already, but it took me 2 years! I am not sure if it is the hypo/PCOS combo? So, when I hear 20 more pounds I think great maybe next year. I am thinking about changing doctors because I am a crying mess after I see him. I am so sensitive about my weight and it is not like he has ever said great 40 lbs try to lose 20 more. It is not like I need a cheerleader but I do prefer sensitivity on the matter. My old RE told me he doesn't focus on weight. It amazes me across the board the difference in opinion amongst the medical community.Good luck!