Friday, March 1, 2013

My Dreams

I had a pretty blatant dreams about infertility the other night.
The first dream:
 I dreamed that my girlfriends and I were planning a trip. I drove to the airport and go a ticket on my car. All my friends went ahead of me. The friends that were with me in the dream all have children in real life. We approached a staircase about 4 flights of stairs we have to climb to make it to the airport. I could barely walk up the first stair and kept falling down. The first friend, who in real life has four children, made it up the stairs with no problem and got there before everyone else. The second friend, has 2 children in real life, made up the stairs without a problem. I continue to fall down the first flight of stairs. The third friend is waiting for me trying to help me up the stairs yet I keep falling down. The two friends that made it to the top already are getting aggravated that I am not to the top yet. The third friend that is helping me tells me not to pay attention to what any of them have to say and just keep trying. I told her that I felt dizzy and needed to stop and to go ahead of me. She told me she was not going to leave me behind. I finally make it to the top with friend #3. She told me it could be difficult without any help and she fell down these stairs before. We made the flight. The third friend in the dream struggled with IF in real life. The two friends that made it to the top. No only did they have children easily but on the first shot or not even trying.

*According to some dream interpretation books suggest taking a trip signifies yearning for change. That things are not going according to plan. The people in the dream can who is causing you stress and who are in the same situation as you are. Some dream interpretation of stairs can mean since I was going up that I am trying to achieve higher status or seeming unattainable status. Falling down not feeling in control but making it to the top signifies that the outcome will be desired. 

The second one was much shorter.

I pick up my friend and go to a store. They are having a bunch of children's birthday parties. I roll my eyes at my friend. I see my dad (he has been deceased for 11 years and is a ghost in the dream). I run up to and told him I missed him and I loved him. In real life, I could not remember if I told my dad I loved him before he passed which has ate at me for years. His presence in the dream was so warm. This woman interrupted our conversation and interaction. I was annoyed. She was with one of the children's birthday parties and asked me if I had any children. I answered in a harsh exacerbated tone, "No!" My dad nudged me and asked why I answered no and that I have a son. I looked at him puzzled. He reassured me that I had a son and told me to tell my friend to be careful driving in the snow. I came home and saw a little boy about 2 years old sitting a high chair with my husband. I woke up and cried!     

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