Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Waiting for round 2

My doctor only prescribed one month worth of Clomid. He said call with a BFP or when AF comes. Well, I didn't get my BFP and AF came on Sunday. So, Monday I called the doctor and didn't get anywhere. I called again. They said have the pharmacy call. I called the pharmacy to refill my prescription. I go to pick it up today, they never talked to the doctor. I called and got the answering services. Ugh! I was so mad! This is CD3 and hoping to take it today. Hopefully, I get it tomorrow!

So I come home totally enraged that I couldn't get my prescription. I came home and told my husband I couldn't get the prescription and told him the story. He asked which doctor. I told him. He said oh and went to sleep. He works opposite shifts as I do and yes I woke him up. But, I wish he could have said something like oh I am sorry. Or wow I hope you can get it tomorrow. But, just annoyed that I woke him up.

I know that can perceived as inconsiderate on my part, waking him up. But he sleeps all night and we have an hour together. I don't always do this only when I am really upset and need to vent ASAP. I hate infertility! I hate his schedule and I hate that I seem needy. I really don't have anyone that understands my frustration and feel really alone in all this. I wish he could understand that too!  

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