Thursday, January 31, 2013

Unexpected IF Reference

As a social worker, you can be pretty involved in clients lives. They share with you some of their feelings that they might not share with others. Infertility surprisingly is not brought up very often. Seeing that 1 in 8 couples is battling infertility you would think that I would hear about more than once in a blue moon. Today's visit with a family was interesting. The mother shared this letter with me regarding a family member's struggle with infertility. It was from the perspective of the parent of the child struggling. It was beautifully written and I wished my own family was just as sensitive to IF. (My family tells me to relax or just adopt... so not sensitive) It talked about the many years TTC without success and all the emotions the parent felt for their child watching them go through such pain and heartbreak. Then, after years of TTC they finally were blessed. Which the letter further stated how people take for granted these blessing until you are faced with such challenges and to take each moment as a gift. And how things can eventually fall into place when all you have is a small glimmer of hope. 

This family has no idea that I have been TTC for a couple years and my struggles. I was fighting back tears while I was reading it. It truly amazed me. I cried as I drove back to the office and took lunch immediately to hide my emotions. It might not have came from my family, but I will hold on to those words.  

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