Friday, January 4, 2013

Insurance started!

The first of the year started my HMO which in the state of Illinois covers infertility. I went to my GP since this is my first time with HMO. He ordered probably every lab you could order (from a GP). Lab order included a CBC, CMP, Lipid, A1C, Thyroid screen, and urine analysis. I thought that was very thorough. Any ways, The GP told me I don't need a referral for the gynecologist but wanted to ensure those labs were ordered to ensure my overall health before starting IF treatment. BP was 116/80, heart rate 78, and lungs clear. I should find out the results sometime next week. Monday the 7th I finally have my first appointment with my gynecologist to start the treatment process. I went to an RE in 2011 so I hope nothing has changed since that visit. Unfortunately, I have to exhaust all my resources with my gynecologist before going to an RE unless the problem is serious, (Fingers crossed simple Clomid will do the trick). I just can't believe it is hear! I have been waiting on insurance coverage for over a year.      

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