Monday, January 7, 2013

Fur Baby

I have a 95lb 3 year old German Shepherd who is my only "child" currently! As I type this blog, she is laying right beside me. We rescued  her from a "unreputable" breeder. I say that joking, since we thought the local police departments used this breeder but turns out they haven't in years due to over breeding. So behavior and health problems are something to look forward to, YAY!

This dog has been my rock through many ups and downs of the trying to conceive (TTC) journey. She laid across my legs for the few weeks I was pregnant to stand guard if you will. All the while, never applied pressure to my belly. She then, licked my tears as I cried from the devastation of my miscarriage. And continues to lick my tears when I cry from dealing with the hell of infertility. It kind of breaks my heart that the most support beside various IF sites I get, is from her.

Well, today I found two lumps on her. One on her back and one on her ear. Naturally, I am freaking out and fearing the worse. I tell my husband and he said he has known about them for a week. I yelled at him for not telling me and not scheduling a vet visit. I told him that I want to take her in to see what they are. He wants to wait and see. This is my biggest complaint about my husband, he always just wants to wait and see about everything. I know I frustrate him because I want to act and be proactive about everything. I always tell him that it is better to catch a small problem and fix it immediately than to clean up a big mess. Well, I plan to call the vet tomorrow. She has always been there for me, I will return the favor. She might not see it quite that way! LOL! Praying it is nothing to worry about! 

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