Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clomid starts tomorrow!

I went to my obgyn yesterday to discuss infertility. Towards the end of 2011 I was seen by a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). Well, as it turned out my insurance then did not cover but went through the entire diagnostic process. Right tube had minor scarring but nothing to worry about per RE. HSG otherwise normal (I know a lot could have changed in a year. Blood work indicated mild PCOS and I already knew about the hypothyroidism. Everything else, ok!

My DH is having back surgery Feb 4, 2013. I am not excited about this surgery for many reason. One, I don't like the idea of surgery on or in the central nervous system. It controls too much. He had knee surgery last year which appears worse than it started out. So, how can I relax when it comes to his back? Two, it puts a damper on our TTC. I know that sounds selfish. Over 2 years TTC and I am not getting any younger. We have put treatment off due to insurance and money. Now, we have to put treatment on hold once again! It is getting exhausting with all the obstacles. But, I will grin and bare it as if I have a choice.

The obgyn decided to give Clomid a try for one month prior to DH surgery. If this fails, I will complete all the testing over. I hope it works! I won't get another shot until May. I know the chances are slim on the first try of Clomid. But, May seems like forever! May I will be in my mid 30's. I know IUI is a possibility but unfortunately per insurance I have not exhaust my options at this point yet. So, I remain hopeful that this will be the cycle!     

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