Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So our HMO should kick in the first of 2013, which will cover a portion of the infertility treatment! Thank you! Well, this month I got this intense need to get the house, "baby" ready. Everyone thinks that I am already preggers! No it is cycle day (CD) 9. I just feel I need to get the house in order before infertility treatment. I am not sure if Clomid will make me a little crazy? Judging how Prednisone made me feel I can only assume Clomid will make me nuts!

So, I have cleaned and organized our bedroom and closets. I am planning to thin out the entire house to make room for "baby". I want to paint the spare bedroom green. I will not change that room entirely to a nursery for fear that the I will be stuck looking at nursery with no baby! I figure green in versatile. It could be an office or workout room if God forbid I can't resolve my infertility.

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