Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pregnancy Symptom or medical explanation

I have come to the conclusion that having hypothyroidism, PCOS, and breast fibroids I feel pregnancy symptoms often. There seems to always be another logical explanation for symptoms.

Symptoms along with their medical explanation;
1. Breast Tenderness- Fibroids (cyclic and when I drink caffeine)
2. Nausea- 2000mg Metformin (check the carb and fat grams of what you ingested)
3. Gassy- Metformin or maybe it is time to see if I am gluten or lactose intolerant.
4. Hot flashes- Synthyroid was just increased. Your body is adjusting
5. Sleepy- Check the thyroid. Could be too low or too high.
6. Frequent urination- Caffeine or check that blood sugar
7. Sense of smell- Yes I always had a nose like a blood hound. Often some smells make me sick
8. Constipation- Again, check that thyroid!
9. Mood Swings- I am going through infertility of course I am a moody B****!
10. Missed period- PCOS and Hypo!

It is just exhausting! Some days I hope I can be one of those women who did not know she was pregnant and just give birth to a healthy baby!     

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