Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pregnancy Symptom or medical explanation

I have come to the conclusion that having hypothyroidism, PCOS, and breast fibroids I feel pregnancy symptoms often. There seems to always be another logical explanation for symptoms.

Symptoms along with their medical explanation;
1. Breast Tenderness- Fibroids (cyclic and when I drink caffeine)
2. Nausea- 2000mg Metformin (check the carb and fat grams of what you ingested)
3. Gassy- Metformin or maybe it is time to see if I am gluten or lactose intolerant.
4. Hot flashes- Synthyroid was just increased. Your body is adjusting
5. Sleepy- Check the thyroid. Could be too low or too high.
6. Frequent urination- Caffeine or check that blood sugar
7. Sense of smell- Yes I always had a nose like a blood hound. Often some smells make me sick
8. Constipation- Again, check that thyroid!
9. Mood Swings- I am going through infertility of course I am a moody B****!
10. Missed period- PCOS and Hypo!

It is just exhausting! Some days I hope I can be one of those women who did not know she was pregnant and just give birth to a healthy baby!     


So our HMO should kick in the first of 2013, which will cover a portion of the infertility treatment! Thank you! Well, this month I got this intense need to get the house, "baby" ready. Everyone thinks that I am already preggers! No it is cycle day (CD) 9. I just feel I need to get the house in order before infertility treatment. I am not sure if Clomid will make me a little crazy? Judging how Prednisone made me feel I can only assume Clomid will make me nuts!

So, I have cleaned and organized our bedroom and closets. I am planning to thin out the entire house to make room for "baby". I want to paint the spare bedroom green. I will not change that room entirely to a nursery for fear that the I will be stuck looking at nursery with no baby! I figure green in versatile. It could be an office or workout room if God forbid I can't resolve my infertility.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


After months of harassing my husband about whether his work offered IF insurance. We found out HMO is more likely to cover IF than PPO! We live in 1 of the 15 states that are mandated but companies try to find loopholes.

To see if your state is a mandated state, I have included a website from Resolve.org.