Thursday, August 9, 2012

Right to procreate?

So, I had a thought... As I wait in line at Jewel ready to pay for my groceries, the woman in front of me is pregnant with what appears to be her seventh child. Six little kids looking like little stepping stones were with her. Ok, seeing pregnant women is like a punch in the gut every time! This time was different. I watched her itemize her groceries with dividers. I realized she was paying with WIC (which is for Women/Infant/Child state subsidized groceries) and LINK (Which is food stamps for Illinois). She is pregnant with number 7! This is not going to be about a political debate regarding welfare! Rather than the right to procreate!

My current insurance told me they don't cover infertility because having children are not a necessity! So, for me it is not a necessity! Could the government tell people on welfare to stop having kids because they can't afford children? Could they set a cap for the amount of children you have on Welfare?  The government would never tell a woman living on welfare to stop having children because, why? It is her right to procreate! But my insurance doesn't care about my right to procreate despite medical issues! My answer is too bad and pay out of pocket if you want them! Children are not a necessity for me but she has the right to procreate, seven no less? I am confused? The government regulates insurance right? I love constancy! I want the same right as "fertile" people! So, I have the right to procreate as long as medical interventions are not deemed necessary?I just want to be a mom! I don't care the methods!

So will Obamacare cover infertility? It seems fair right?

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