Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Advocate for yourself... Don't self medicate!

So, I have been off for a little while. Stupid thyroid disease! I was feeling tired, sore joints, and depressed (I lost interest in Swimming and for me that is bad!) I could tell I was not feeling right. Then, I felt hypoglycemic. My legs felt weak, shaky, and feared the worse! I had to drink 3 cups of juice to feel better. With PCOS the risk for diabetes is greater. I made my endocrinology appointment 3 months early and completed all my ordered labs. I was praying that that I was not full diabetic. I mean, I am already on 1500mg of Metformin. Whoa! What's next, if this is not working?

My endocrinologist said she was not surprised with all my symptoms I am hypo again! Hypothyroidism and low blood sugar can go hand and hand. I take 88mcg of Synthyroid with 8oz of water. I take that religiously! I take it as prescribed... no food 4 hours before or 1-2 hours after. Wait 4 hours before any other medications, just in case it messes with the absorption (Metformin is taken at lunch and dinner). I limit soy for various reasons and won't take or eat anything with trace amounts of soy at least 4 hours after. I take all vitamins including iron and calcium 12 hours after! Why yes, I am rigid! I perceive this to my primary reason for my miscarriage and infertility, I am OCD about it! So, why did my TSH go from 1 to 5 in a month?

She asked me about all my habits! Diet has not changed! ADA diet still, small variations in the food but I have eaten all these foods before and it never changed my TSH. She asked about exercise! When walking in my house I feel weak and need juice so, exercise has taken the back burner! My joints hurt so bad, as well! She asked if I didn't exercise because of the way I felt? I said yes!!!!! She asked about any changes of supplements. I told her I bought a different brand of prenatal vitamins. I had the bottle so I showed her! She looked at them and said they have iodine in them. Yes? She told me that most Americans get enough iodine in their diet that supplemental iodine is not needed! I could further aggravate hypothyroidism if iodine deficiency is not the cause, ie Autoimmune!!! She asked when I started these vitamins? I told her about a month ago!!! She asked if I felt ok prior to the vitamins? I told her I felt good!!! So ding! Ding! Ding! She upped the Synthyroid to 100mcg and wants to see me is 2 months!And of course told me to stop any supplements with iodine in them! She told me it was good I came in before my appointment! It was good I could tell! Most people at 5 would not feel the difference! Oh god! I felt like I got hit by a bus at 5!!! Any higher or any longer I would be nonfunctional! I hate going to the doctor but I looked forward to this appointment! I wanted to feel better!!! 

I am so mad at myself for setting myself back! I also have to take nasty fish oil (purified of course) for inflammation! I hate the taste of them! I am convinced I can taste them all day like I ate a can of Sardines! But I will suck it up if it helps!!!

Moral to the story... Be careful with some of the information on line! I read iodine was good for hypothyroidism and most autoimmune thyroid (hypo) is a result of iodine deficiency! I am not so sure about that hypothesis given how I felt!I will follow doctor's orders and not what I see on the internet from now on! The psychic told me to do everything the doctor tells me as well! LOL! Advocate for yourself but don't self medicate because you have read it worked for someone else! It is all so individual!!!!! PS. I don't have the pain or weakness currently! I am 4 weeks away from feeling myself again! Hopefully! :)   

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