Friday, July 20, 2012

Finally Infertility Coverage!

Well, I am still new to the infertility world so I am learning as I go. PPO's appear to not cover IF treatments which my husband and I both have and we tried. His work also has HMO mine does not have that option. Well the HMO covers IF treatment, so we are switching come the first of next year. I was a little surprised HMO covers because I was always under the assumption that PPO was better. Maybe it is, but not for IF coverage in the state of IL.

I told my OBGyn at my last appointment that we will be getting coverage. I have to do all the test over again! ugh! But hey at least we will covered. I know I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. I feel the hypo is more my problem. My TSH fluctuates so much. But interestly, when my TSH is higher normal but too high for trying to concieve I get positives on OPK. When it is under 2 like it should I don't. My levels with the PCOS is starting to level out. My PCOS was reported to be minor. My insulin 12 (high normal), glucose 91, androgen's slightly elevated (Don't know my numbers), LH 3.1, and FSH 4 that was all my baseline testing. The LH/FSH levels don't show PCOS. So, I hypothesize that the hypo is more influential. I also hypothesize that the miscarriage I had in May 2011 was due to having a TSH of 5.8.I was recently diagnosed with both. I was diagnosed with hypo during first trimester blood work but when the test results came back I was already starting to lose Products of Conception (POC). I started on 75 mcg of Levothyroxine right away but it did not matter. My ultrasound also showed I was 5.5 weeks  but I knew when I got my BFP, It should have been 8 weeks. They told my my estimated Last Mestrual Period (LMP) should have been around the time of the BFP. I knew that was going to be a problem right there! I have heard other hypo women experience this as well. I have read the hypo can cause low progesterone as well. I also was diagnosed with PCOS when my cycle didn't resume on time from the miscarriage. So, I can't wait until the coverage kicks in.     

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