Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Desperation and Psychic Reading

Well, now that I am finally getting a positive on OPK, timing intercourse, and still no BFP! It is of course time to see a psychic! Legit, right? Ok, so I did cry when she did my angel cards (Not tarot what her angel guides tell her). She pulled Relax, Celebration, Children, and Soulmate. Now the interpretation... easy I need to relax to get pregnant! Oh the favorite line amongst all infertiles! I will have biological children and one of them will be my soulmate, maybe a sibling in a past life. She went into more detail than that! Well, for now I will try to take that advice! Hey, it was still cheaper than one month on Clomid! So until our insurance kicks in, I will just relax and see if there is anything to that annoying advice!



  1. I absolutely respect and appreciate your point on each and every object.
    Alissa Monroe

  2. Thank you! I am not taking my advice well! Or psychic I should say! Someone needs to disarm my google I think before I can relax! LOL