Friday, April 27, 2012

Waiting for a Smiley Face

When these appear positive. The digital say otherwise (big circle)
The TTC battle has been very stressful on me and let's face it, I have not been a beaming ray of sunshine lately. Either it is due to the Hypothyroidism or the PCOS maybe even the combination of the two, but I rarely ovulate. Like once a year kind of rare. So every month I buy the fun sticks to tell you if you have a hormonal surge that is indicative of ovulation. Between getting a light line on the test line and never getting a smiley face, I may have thrown a few of them. (All the sticks were not available for display) It is frustrating that I don't do what many women are able to do naturally. I would like to take medications to induce ovulation but my husband seems to think there is miraculous treatment for PCOS and/or hypothyroidism that all of a sudden I will ovulate once a month like a "regular" woman! But there is a treatment for Annovulation, fertility medications! I already take Synthyroid and Metformin for PCOS, still no ovulation means... Fertility medications. My hormones have stabilized. And I am pretty confident if I were to have a follicle check it would not be close the size it needs to be for maturity. I would give anything for a smiley face.         

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