Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh come on!

When I miscarried and I finally came back to work, a girl at work announced her pregnancy to me. She talked and talked about it. She did not read any of my cues that this was not a conversation I wanted to be having. I just walked away to cry in the bathroom.

Well fast forward, she goes on maternity leave. Of course, I get stuck cleaning up the mess she made at work (and my boss knows I miscarried). Today, she brings her baby in to show everyone at work. I tried to sneak out. Another coworker who is aware of everything tries helping me leave. But of course she sees me and drops the baby in my arms. Really? A newer coworker said to me, "You look so cute with a baby! Why don't you have one?" I am not going there now with the entire office circling me while I held her baby. Not that I am at all ashamed to announce it but I would have screamed profanities in the process. I kindly excused myself to the bathroom and gave her back her baby.

The baby is a couple months younger than mine would have been.

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